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You can train with Dr. Kristie Ennis, a certified personal trainer who is also a doctor of physical therapy, a certified strength and conditioning coach, nutritionist, and an accomplished athlete in her own life.

Her individual, one-on-one personal training sessions are always tailored to your specific needs. She also offers groups of two, three and four. These smaller groups still offer an individual workout for each person, but allow you to gain the support of your peers. It’s a great way to keep individual training going at a cost effective rate.

All her programs are designed with four key goals:

  1. To train to maintain fitness while avoiding pain and accelerating recovery from injury.

  2. To train to help you stay fit and active while rehabbing a chronic or acute injury.

  3. To help you return to activities you love but have been limited to enjoying due to pain or dysfunction.

  4. To take you and your injury from its medical diagnosis back to performance, whether it’s a high level of competition or your definition of function in everyday life.

Exercise Classes

Exercise classes geared to keeping you healthy throughout the year are taught by Dr. Kristie and offered at Studio 151 Fitness and The Fitness Edge. These classes are ongoing and they change throughout the year. All are designed to keep your body healthy and strong. 

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