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I understand your concerns because in addition to being a trained health and fitness professional, I know the demands of raising a family, conducting my business, and reaching my own goals. In other words, I walk the walk and my clients respect this authenticity I bring to their cases. This is not a physical therapy factory; it is a place where you matter as an individual.

A native of Ohio, I attended the University of Vermont where I was a swimmer for the Catamounts. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, I worked with clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals as well as guided athletes with sports nutrition.

I coached the Norwich University men’s and women’s swim teams.

My love for how our bodies work and move pushed me to pursue my doctorate degree in physical therapy. I attended Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, graduating in 2006. In the years that followed, I continued to constantly upgrade my skills.

I am now certified in dry needling, I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and have been certified to conduct Selective Functional Movement Assessments.

Additionally, I have taken special training in handling women’s health issues and oncology.

Prior to starting my own business, I gained experience working in the orthopedic outpatient setting where I learned the importance of treating the whole person, not just their injury.

I think one of the reasons I was drawn to this profession is my own experience with the demands placed on being an athlete as well as a wife and mother of an active boy.

When I was just 15, I had my first experience with physical therapy when I shattered my ankle. It took years to get me back to my best self, and it would never have been achieved without physical therapy.

Today I enjoy participating in triathlons and I have completed two full Ironman races. It is vital for me as a woman to be able to pursue my personal goals and be successful with them.

I also take part in the Circle Program, a mentoring program for girls.

I live in Canterbury with my son Brody and my husband Scott.

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